Hello! This is the Official Wellspring Prep Drama Website! See your director and Drama Supervisors below. If you are looking for a count down timer until the shows, look no further than our countdown page! Thanks for visiting the website! #GoWolves

Your Directors:

  • Movement/Stage Directions:
    • Ms. Anys
  • Vocals/Speech Directions:
    • Mr. Marzka

Stage Manager:

  • Nate Vedders

We need your help!

We need people to help out with Crew! If you are interested in participating, please click to the actor’s information page.

  • Some jobs that you could have the option of doing are as follows…
    • Controlling lights
    • Playing/Producing Sound
    • Making Props
    • Setting up / tearing down / transitioning between sets
    • Moving props on and off stage during the show